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01-26-2013, 03:40 PM
*Romulan space. New Romulus. Vala is trying to issue calm throughout the Empire as they try and rebound during the economic crash. *

*Construction crews are currently working on many government buildings throughout the city. As the crews leave the buildings soon erupt killing many officials and only officials. Other high ranking officials are soon taken off world.*

Gyunei: *Standing before them as they are gagged and depreived of vision.* You have done much to make the world a hell for its people. You take the peace that many have wanted for sooo long and shatter it at the whims of a mad man.

*Romulans squeal and try and shout*

Gyunei: Now I am going to help give it back to them.

*Nods to a Romulan that is very close to Vala, he is ungagged and shown to Gynuei.*

Kill the rest of them. But take him elsewhere.