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Originally Posted by hfmudd View Post
It's a grim, dangerous and often desperate universe, and it breeds people who are the same.
That was what I was going for with my entry and the Mirror Marcus... He didn't necessarily want to become immortal, he just wanted to not die, and was willing to go to any expense/length to prevent that happening...

I really liked the references you made to the improbability of the crossovers, and indeed, the political references were very apt, but one part I especially liked, was the description of Mirror Sanara having cut her own hair, that was a really nice touch

[Edit to add]
After discussion and reflection, I felt I should re-edit and add an epilogue...

Additional cast...

T'Natra - Gal Gadot
S'rR's Kane - Amy Smart
Selek - Oded Fehr

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