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Dear devs: The Aquarius Destroyer is currently a joke. It's clearly a fed variant of the KDF Bird of Prey, but is less versatile, has crappier shields (0.66 mod vs the Hegh'ta's 0.8), is slower (impulse mod of 0.15 vs the Hegh'ta's 0.2) and aside from having different inertia ratings, the Aquarius matches the Hegh'ta stat for stat.

Now the thing is: The Hegh'ta is a bird of prey with a battle cloak. It's designed for fast attacking and fading into stealth. That's why it has the stats it does, because it can rely on the cloak to make up for their lack in various areas, compared to other ships which cannot cloak, and cannot cloak in battle.

The Aquarius.... can't. It's a joke ship.

But it'd be really nice if you could actually finish it, and make it into a real BoP equivalent... and I'm not asking for battle 'cloak'.

But some sort of in combat Mask Energy Signature baked in power would really go far towards balancing the ship out. There are fighters that have built in powers (To'duj's have cannon rapid fire 1, IIRC), so we know that it's possible. Just bake in a special in combat mask energy signature power unique to that ship. As with all MES powers, it wouldn't be as efficient as cloak, and wouldn't provide a bonus to damage upon disengaging (just a bonus to defense).

This would bring the Aquarius more in line with the ship it's patterned off of, without 'stealing their uniqueness' as a KDF player put it so recently.

Alternatively, if you feel that this is too constrictive, consider giving the Aquarius a Sixth ensign boff slot, for science so that players can at least run mask energy signature without detracting from their builds (assuming anyone actually bought the bloody thing).