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01-26-2013, 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
The KDF don't have a 5 Tac console escort like the defient is. Imo, should the KDF get an Escort w/5 Tacs then it can be discussed not before.

That said somethings shouldn't be cross factional. For example, I've messed around w/an old Brel I used to fly using PSW1, the PSWTorp console and 3 purp photonic doffs, PSWTorp charge -> PSW1 -> 12 seconds left on the PSWTorp consoles rechage. I added in VM3 w/2 doffs and AMS. It really is silly the amount of shockwaves I can spam while cloaked (not to mention the other stuff). I know the cat's out of the bag in a lot of ways, but I'd rather not use that as a reason to allow for a free for all.
Your argument is fallacious. The B'rel has an enhanced battle cloak and can do those things while cloaked. This discussion is for giving the Defiant/GalX a normal battle cloak, where you have to manually decloak to do those things.