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01-26-2013, 04:17 PM
And Kahless came down from the mountain, and carried with him two stone tablets, upon written were the 10 KDF commandments:

Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
We want a complete KDF faction!
1.-We want Klingon patrol missions in our systems and visit planets like Feds can Andoria, Vulcan, Risa etc.
2.-We want Klingon FE & story related content that is not just copied from the Feds even if it's not level 1-20 content but end game FEs.
3.-We want more uniform options!
4.-We want Lethean & Ferasan ships as well as a few more T5 from the other factions.
5.-We want more bridge options for the KDF factions that are not Klingon.
6..-We want KDF exploration/nebula/cluster missions that are more than just blow that, kill 'em, step on the tribble...
7.-We want the affiliated races in the KDF to be more represented in Klingon content
8.-We want another Klingon sector block with one more station/social zone.
9.-For the part of this that goes into C-Store, I'm willing to pay as I supose many KDF dedicated players are!
10.-We want the KDF bugs that break Klingon gameplay fixed rather than ignored.

Nothing bad intended, just telling them WE want it so it doesn't fall off their radar!
So let it be written, so let it be done.