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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
You know, this is probably one of the few posts you have made that I actually mostly agree with. Beams are weak. I won't dispute that. They have a rather large firing arc though, so that makes them useful in some situations.

However I will disagree with this part:

I can outheal the majority of an alpha strike from a bug in my Odyssey. Anything I can't outheal straight up I can usually pick up with HoTs. You are correct, cannon and BA damage have a massive disparity, almost to the point of stupidity, but you vastly underestimate or devalue the ability of cruisers to heal not only themselves but others.

Word of advice:
If you're having trouble surviving against an escort, use the following ability combo: EPtS3, TT1, HE2, TSS1, Aux2SIF3, as appropriate. If you keep cycling those abilities and time them properly, the escort will never pop you. Also you have MW3 as your "oh ****" button, and combined with a RSP2, you can EASILY outlast any escort, at least long enough that it will get bored/one of your teammates will come and kill it.
Well you can't heal your buddies if you they die before you can catch up to them in your slow ship. That the problem i run into. Most escort pilots want to zip off by themselves than get mad at you becasue you coulnd't keep up with them to heal them. May I remind you, that you don't get rewards for healing yourself or anyone else. I am a Tac camptain so my heals are not very strong because I am set up for offense, at least I try to be.

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