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01-26-2013, 03:42 PM
I've been gone for 3 months and having just returned a week ago, I really don't know what Cryptic has been doing. The last season really brought nothing to the game that will want to keep me playing, much less even considering putting money into the game.

The latest lock box, with the consoles on the ships not account bound even makes me not want to even look, I don't see the point of adding a 2nd lock box ship to a character who already has a lock box ship no, it's a waste really. Not to mention it's becoming less and less like the KDF and Starfleet and more like an allied fleet out where with Tholian, Breen and Jem'Hadar ships flying around everywhere.

The lack of KDF development is no surprise, disappointing but that is nothing new. It's easy for those Federation players who come in here and tell us to stop complaining when they are sitting pretty with all the content they have. Yet the second they don't have something they do worse than what KDF players do and then they get it like a rich kid whining because the poor kid just the new toy before he did.

To be honest the only way the KDF will make the company money is to put money into it. A lot of players who play this game aren't Trek fans, they don't care that the IP was mainly about the Federation, they want to play the red side, but with so little content they don't stay long, and tobe forced to play a Fed character first means some don't even stick around long enough to get to lvl 25.

With so many MMO's going F2P and with more than one full faction, is it any wonder that this game cycles through players so fast that they feel they can only justify putting money into their beloved faction? While to game is a okay game, the choices they made this past 12 months has really made me wonder do they really know what they are doing. Like nerfing dilithium gathering them raise dilithium prices everywhere as an example of this. I say do one or the other not both.
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