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01-26-2013, 03:55 PM
1. I could not hear any Taz at all. Are you sure Taz was even talking?

2. The primary strategy I find works best is to get have everyone park on a generator of their own, and the 5th person on lookout in case a generator gets blown early. Get all of the generators down to 10%, and blow them as close to simultaneous as possible, then concentrate all firepower on the transformer.

3. What level are you? Your powerbar is devoid of abilities!

4. DO NOT use Fire at will in an STF! That will agro EVERYTHING, including the Gateway! Plus, it disrupts trying to manually aim, as you just found out the hard way. That is also what happened at 14:00.

4. You mouse going out like that, that is precisely why I only use wired mice. I do not trust wireless. If you must know, my mouse is a Dodge Charger SRT8, so I can destroy the Borg in style!

5. Nice Borg set on that Excelsior! Very nice indeed!

6. At 10:15, actually, you have the right idea. Gravity well and Warp Plasma work perfectly together. Group them all together, keep them from moving away, them unleash torpedo spam at them. If you manage to destroy one of the spheres the kinetic damage from the explosion will greatly help with damaging the others. Use this strategy whenever you get the opportunity.

7. Yes. Kill the Gateway before going after the Cube. The Cube like to stay close to the Gateway, because it knows good and well that the Gateway WILL shoot at anyone trying to attack the Cube. So the Gateway is the priority.

8. At 12:00 you were too close entirely. When you attack the Gateway, park at 9.97km away, and snipe it with whatever you have. Any closer than 9.00km, and you are target for the invisible one hit torpedoes.

9. For the Cube, I find best to stay at least 6km away. That will usually keep the agro on the closer players. Usually, but not always.

10. At 13:50, it is not the Borg Set that is broken

11. At 10:50, your voice does drown out the game. I am not complaining though, but it does mean I have to turn down the YouTube audio a bit. Don't worry about the mixer, since it is not important enough to improve or decline the quality of your the videos. If you decide to do this, good job; if you decide not to, it makes little difference.

12. Wow, my ship is beautiful!

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