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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
most of the things in the box or lobi store are not tradeable nor account wide (I have over 100 dilithium mining thingies stuck on 1 toon ) ...i guess they try hard to remove trading from the game after they removed pvp
not just me thats pissed off with the dilithium mining crap why would i wont to be bored doing something most players only do a 1-2 times then never go back to. dilith mining is crap just do a few elites or foundry missions a lot more fun. u know wot that is dont u devs its why we play games after all. let us sell them on exchange or at lest account lock them. i would only do mining on new toons not my lvl 50's

hint 4 toons elite team commanders n i got my accolades the old way by grinding 100 stf for the kit
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