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01-26-2013, 04:01 PM
Generally it's a good build. But here is what I think:

Lose the Cutting Beam and replace it with Rear-Firing Torpedo or another Phaser Turret. Because the Cutting Beam is best for a AP build also, the cutting beam reduces your effectiveness with Cannon abilities like Scatter Volley.

The Second Neutronium, it's handy for PvP, but in PvE you can easily put a Universal Console there. Really your call.

With BOFF slots, you have low DPS with that build. With my Destroyers and Escorts, I have this build:

Commander: TT / RF1 / HY3 / RF3 (or TT / Scatter 1 / Spread 3 / Scatter 3)
LTC: TT / Scatter, Spread, or Beta 1 / Omega 1

Also Omega helps get you out of Tractor Beams, which is necessary for the STFs. And you'll be hugely vulnerable in PvP without it.

With the Ensign Universal, go with something else like Engineering Team 1 or Polarized Hull. Having 2 of the same abilities sometimes can be a crutch.

With DOFFs, you're call. But personally I'd mix in one Projectile DOFF. When you have multiple Torpedo Attacks, it can really make a difference.