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01-26-2013, 04:06 PM
And I feel that fix involves fixing Beam Arrays so they do not bottom out in power levels when fired repeatedly and adding beam based CRF style BOffpowers from ensign to Ltc for Tac BOffs.
Without the sudden power loss effecting BAs and a CRF style power up to Tier 3, add in all the other ingame choices to help cruisers boost power, maintain power or other wise nullify the drain you end up with a cruiser firing beams faster they they do now buffed by a BOff ability that emulates how DHCs work yet do the damage by a thousand cuts instead of a few heavy sledgehammer blows.
Even Science and especially Engineers will find it a welcome change to how poorly things are now given thier captain abilities.
Hell, it would even work on all existing cruisers given that some do have LTC BOff slots.

True, STO would still have many issues left to overcome but Cruiser captains would enjoy better damage based gameplay

The <self edited> bleeding style crying may still remain.