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01-26-2013, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by deyvad View Post
I want to use my cannons broadside and fire all my 8 cannons at the same time, it's unfair that you can broadside with beams but not cannons.

All weapons should have the same DPS and the same firing arc, the same procs, the same everything. Weapons should only be a visuall aspect and should have nothing to do with the damage output of the ship.

Oh! also, cannons should do the same damage from a distance, just like beams, I don't need to be within 5km to do maximum damage with beams, why do I have to be so close with cannons, it's unfair.

and Escorts should have the same hull as any cruisers, otherwise it's not fair.

We should all have the same speed, DPS, Hull, turn rate, etc. the Same Everything for Everyone, the different weapons, armor, ships, etc.. should only be visual widget and not influence the space battles.
Right now broadsiding with beams don't do a damn thing. A cruiser and I broadsied eachother the whole match. I couldn't kill him or drain his shield fast enough and neither could he do the same to me. We just wasted PVP time trying to hurt one another with beams.