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01-26-2013, 05:16 PM
Again i have been after them about these issues since the launch of season 7. Now i have even completed the adapted maco uniform project.....the ONLY uniform project made avaialable to me at a cost of 3k dilithium and guess what? No uniform availability from tailor because game is still stuck on no allowing me to put any stf gear on past type 2 which i had earned prior to s7. So no matter what i do the game will not allow my 2 bugged accolades or uniform to become available past type 2 even though type 1&2 projects were never made available. And what's cryptics response "we looked into it and it seemed to have resolved itself" NO it didn't which means you didn't look into anything, 2 support tickets sent, their response "do not send multiple tickets on the same issue, as we are aware of your prior one" OK you are aware, did nothing to resolve the issue but closed that old ticket along with the new one. Shows perfectly how much they simply don't care about an issue that doesn't affect game play. Now if it were something you actually had to pay real money for and they didn't resolve the issue at some point could easily lead to a class action lawsuit for which they would so deserve.