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01-26-2013, 05:25 PM
A few things I would like to see happen to beams. Some more than others.

One would be either a rate of fire increase/shots per cycle or an inate increase to acc or CTH under the guise that Beams are a much more accurate weapon due to its instant hit ability. *Remeber heavy cannons get a bonus to Crit damage due to slower RoF compared to reg cannons.* Procs should should also be increased to give them the same chance to proc as a faster firing cannon.

Alot of powers we have been getting lately to our weapons have been adding chances per shot to add damage or proc some sort of ability. So the more something fires the more of a chance it will proc. I believe quad cannons fire the most shots per cycle atm. Cannons especially when using either Rapid or scatter. The chance to proc is greatly increased because you get more rounds down range.