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01-26-2013, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
PVE? That is not saying anything. How do we know you weren't paired up with beginner pilots or a bunch of cruisers? Anybody can get top damage depending on what type of players was in with you.
Maybe, but it shows that beams are not useless. Canons may give more DPS, but used correctly beams and torpedo combos can be lethal.

Though i don't play PvP that often i get plenty of kills there as well against both Escorts and Cruisers. Timing is critical though and hence beams take more skill to use to their full potential.

You have to take down the opponents shields at the exact moment the torpedoes arrive. Usually it's taking broadside pot shots to the point where you see someone recharging their shields, launch torpedoes, throw hazards their way, BO + target shields and they're down when the torpedo salvo strikes. Bye bye opponent.

Don't get me wrong i also run escorts with canons to great effect, but beams are far from useless. Beams, as i stated earlier, simply take more skill to master.