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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
One of my missions has no combat and involves a ton of reading. All the player does is talk to npcs and their bridge officers. It is one of my more popular missions.
Perhaps they meant "No walls of text"?

As a regular Foundry player I'm okay with reading/ chatting missions as long as it's well broken up with some other task and/or has branching dialog and not me sitting there hitting "continue" for ten minutes.

As for the OP: If I knew what makes a hit, I'd be rich. But let me tell you the type of missions I prefer. Sorry, I don't remember all of the mission names right now;

1. Has a good Star Trek type hook. One mission had me go to a research station that had been sabotaged by someone who might have either been insane or fighting shadowy aliens. Or both.

"Beam down and deal with the mystery" is a Star Trek staple.

2. A story that follows through with the premise in a logical manner. The Barclay's daughter missions, while comedic, follow the rules of good writing: She may be bumbling, but her bumbling serves a purpose to the story. Chekhov's gun... Or Chekov's phaser in this case.

3. Action and dialog are broken up at a good pace. The very popular Cause Then Effect mission did this wonderfully. The combat wasn't over-long, nor were the mission dialogs. Also, your travel time wasn't all that bad. What you needed to do was contained in a small area and you weren't scouring the map for the next objective.

4. No longer than 45 minutes, but twenty five is better. Sorry, it's not that I don't have the time since MMOs are my Watch-TV-After-Work. But having to stop in the middle of a mission because I need to do something else means that I have to do it again from the beginning, and that is a pain. While there are a lot of ugly dog missions here in STO, they remain in digestible sizes.

5. An "original" premise. I put that in scare quotes because there's no such thing as 100% original. But what I mean is that the author took a little explored aspect of the Trek universe and used it as a springboard.

For example, a KDF mission had you encounter a Dahar Master who wanted to bust her Federation boyfriend out of Rura Penthe. It's a simple mission, but it's a mission that you don't usually see get made. Of course there would have been some other KDF Fed romances other than Torres' parents, and why wouldn't they have met during the Dominion War?

So these things make me more inclined to give your mission more than three stars. I'M not a typical Foundry player though. I find the grind missions boring as hell and skip them. I have to skip a lot recently. It sucks and that's why I want a better search function.

The sad truth for any creative person is that if you want a hit, you need to pander. Maybe have some Caitians speak in LOLCat?
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