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OK, then as OP, I humbly ask that some of you following this post take the time to try mine:

For Fed side, "Damaged Goods". About the search for a missing freighter which uncovers a much bigger, and deadlier, plot. Qualifies for "Officer reports".

For KDF side, "A Warrior's Academy: Mission 1". The first of what I hope to be a series, take your captain through a special academy designed to destroy the Federation. A new twist on the old classic "Klingon Academy", only with new stories, and incorporating the current timeline's alliances. Still needs to get out of review stage.

I'd seriously like to know what I can do with "Damaged Goods", the one with a good rating, but only 29 plays. Perhaps it could be shorter? Or broken up into parts 1 and 2?
Any comments in this thread would be much appreciated, and hopefully more descriptive than the short comments in the reviews.

Thanks, and keep the answers coming about what makes a good mission. I want to keep learning.

If you like Foundry missions, try mine here!