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01-26-2013, 10:01 PM
What was your shield power at? Was your bonus defense maxxed when he shot at you? Do you use APO? Did he activate Go Down Fighting with a bit of hull damage as that is a huge (insane) multiplier. Did he use APO? Did he use APB?

Honestly a single ACC mod will not make that significant of a difference. However a large number of multipliers does make damage get ridiculous.

(numbers not 100% accurate)
APA: 50%
GDF: 75% let us say
Tac Fleet: 30%
APO: 20%
APG: 20% (i have no idea on this one)

1.5*1.75*1.3*1.2*1.2 = 4.9 multiplier

Meaning with above buffs active at those strengths he would deal five times normal damage. And yes all those abilities have been tested by myself personally and do their math in that manner aside from Tac Fleet and AP Gamma I have no confirmed but see no reason why they would act differently. Throw on a good crit multiplier and you have something really disturbing.