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01-26-2013, 10:10 PM
how about a Krenium Time Ship

give it the same hull as a Uni-matrix Vessel (I have no idea how much it is but they damn tough)

give a temporal lance that causes a time incursion which temporarily reduces your character/ship back to a lower tier ei. VAdml -> Cmdr including powers and the look of your ship.

weapons fit Kremiun Choniton Torps and Temporal Disruptors

3 forward
3 aft
2 beam (beams only)

remember this things huge so the turn rate is uber crap - hence the midships weapons

2 hangers
- heavy assault fighters (cross between Delta- Runabout)
- krenium corvette


Cmdr Eng
Cmdr Sci
LCdr Tac
Lt Uni

3 device slots
Console slots - 3 engineering, 4 science, 3 Tacical

20% bonus to aux pwr