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01-26-2013, 11:50 PM
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I accepted a random 1vs1 match. I was using a TAC FED. Jem Bug: 4 XII Fleet Polaron DHC, 3 fleet Polaron Turrets, Borg XII Space set. My Heals are TSS, HE1, ET1, EPTS2.

I was vs. a KDF in a Jem Bug with all Polaron cannons also. I came straight at him hit my alpha, fire on my mark and CRF3. I took his facing shield down to aprox %30. I turned and he let his CRF go and took my facing shields completly down and %60 of my hull gone in one pass. I keep and extra space set on me so I did an evasive and ENG battery and got out, hit full impulse with him chasing and managed to get out of threat and slap on my XII Omega Space set. Same result one pass and my shilds gone from %100 to %0 and half hull gone. I was running 2 %30 anti-polaron resistant armor plates as well. Plus Borg console and a RCS. SCI console XII purple Field emmiter. 5 XII purple Polaron TAC consoles. So all my consoles and equipment is XII purple and I cant get his facing shilds down in 3 passes. But he can in one. And as soon as he made his 2nd attack I even tried hitting TSS and EPTS to counter it and sill he blased right through. It there something the KDF has that I am not aware of that boost damage or weakens shields? I havent run into a situation before where one pass took my shields and half my hull out in 1.5 sec. So i ask am i missing something?
Yes your using completely junk shields for an escort first off.... Borg shield is terrible on an escort as is the omega shield. Get a maco... a fleet Reslient... or go buy a mk xii purple one off the exchange cause it will hold up better then either of the options you put on.

Yes the klink MAY have been using power leach... if he was you should have seen the debuff on your bar and the buff on his... I doubt that would make a major difference however.

Really sounds like you just fought a more min maxed escort.

Don't let people tell you it was your fleet weapons cause thats BS. Your fleet weapons are just fine... having said that they are right that they are not the Best option for pvp... however there far from junk... in my own testing... ACC fleet weapons are in the top 2-3 options you can select for a tactical escort... so if you are running acc fleet weapons your not in terrible shape.

If you want some real advice... find the Skill building web site... its not hard to find... punch in your full spec and load out... and post it here ... and I can give you some more in depth pointers...

The klink wasn't likely doing anything odd other then being well speced... and knowing what he was doing. My bug will take a facing and 50% of a hull on a bad pass so it doesn't sound odd.
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