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01-26-2013, 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by xigbarg View Post
Depends on the boost. Im not asking for much of a boost and maybe they could even increase the power drain on cannons to meet beams halfway. Torps would then keep their purpose and everyone save for the escorts win.

Though its kinda bad when the most commonly seen escort build is always 4 cannons and 3 turrets, max dps builds. Escorts should also have a variety of builds. But that my opinion. Hate me for it if you wish or try to reason with me. My word isn't law.
The reason this will never happen: Escort-only power-gamers will derail any threads suggesting this with their incessant whinging about how terrible their life is, how OP cruisers and science ships are, how escorts are the only ships in the game that need DPS and the ability to turn, that escorts need to tank like cruisers, etc.

In short, the escort is king corn on turd hill right now, and none of its fans want that to change.