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01-27-2013, 12:00 AM
As one of the coaches, I would also like to thanks the students themselves for showing up with a desire to learn, a great attitude, and an open mind.

I have had such a blast doing this, and many of my students have taken the time to message or mail me in game and thank me directly. I have also been really pleased to find some of the students show up on PuG teams with me in the Arena and do a great job applying the learning from boot camp.

As I stated today to one of the students as they were thanking us:

One of the best rewards of being a boot camp coach is the students themselves showing up in the Arenas and fighting beside me and doing a great job at it!

Thanks also to Brandon and all the others on the Cryptic team for really throwing their support behind this. I wouldn't trade the experience I am having in boot camp for the world!