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Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
Once again the misconception that player versus player denotes a one versus one interaction is perpetuated. Successful PVP is always balanced around team interaction which leads to the second point.
No. Successful PvP is fun, that is all. We don't need any dogmas.

Especially not with a game that has this IP in its name. Only a handful of TV show battles were anything but 1v1.

Moreover, the overwhelming amount of PvE content is 1vN engagements, with a good share of 1v1.

A game that wants to be that IP needs to be able to support both single-player and team gameplay, even in PvP.

Also perpetuated is the fallacy that every ship/character/weapon/skill must be able to perform every function of every other ship/character/weapon/skill in an equal or even roughly equal fashion. When differentiation is removed, choices no longer exist and tactics become unnecessary.
Uh? Where do you read that from this:

"I would like to point out that escorts can do a cruiser's job much, much, much, much, much better than a cruiser can do an escort's," etc.

Edit: Reading the above, I must say this all drifts too much offtopic. The important conclusion from this thread is that many people seem to agree that beams need some adjustment to improve them. How exactly that adjustment should be done is probably best decided by the development team, but since so many people agree on the basic problem, I find it very likely that there actually is one.
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