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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
The Vorcha is a an Attack Cruiser wich means it's compared with cruisers, not escorts. Raptors and raiders are escorts. If you may know, almost all KDF ships are armed with cannons except for the carriers so that can they culd deal alot of damage quite easy if they wanted to.
What is the sense of equiping DHCs on a KDF battle cruiser if you don't have the turn rate to use them in PvP? Every escort will simply park in your back, where only the turrets tickle their shield, while the majority of firepower, the DHCs in the front, cannot unload their damage. Even normal cannons are useless, because they also don't fire backwards.

Sure, in PvE, the KDF battle cruisers are superior in damage compared with the Fed ones, because of cannon damage. In PvE you can even equip the BortasQ with DHC. PvP is a quite different thing.

In PvE, only if Fed cruiser using the Aux2Bat build, they can match the damage with beam arrays. However, for this they need to give up alot of tanking ability, while KDF battle cruiser can go heavy tank and do good damage.

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