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01-27-2013, 02:28 AM
Unfortunately, options for RP in STO are somewhat limited, especially considering the rather inconvenient way the chat works, having to hit return to start a message as well as send one, only being allowed a very limited number of characters per message and the chat clearing out by itself after some time so you can't just scroll up and re-read something you might have missed or forgotten. I've been roleplaying Star Trek for a little over twelve years now, though usually I play by e-mail or message board as that allows for a more convenient writing environment.

The visual aspect of STO certainly helps with imagination sometimes and I've started using the tailor to make avatars for my RPG characters, however the limited number of interactions possible and the lack of functionality of all the surroundings (you don't even have a replicator animation for someone to walk up and order Earl Grey, and no matter what you eat or drink it always looks the same) put a damper on the in-game RP, as far as I'm concerned. By and large, I find RP out of the game a lot more engaging and offering a lot more creative possibilities than in the game.

Add to that the number of trolls in the game whose only highlight in life seems to be running around with fire extinguishers and other annoying gadgets and specifically disrupting people who RP and I'm really not all that excited about things here. What this game needs is an option to completely ignore annoying players, that means not even displaying their avatars or the results of their actions on a social map, only should you happen to be grouped with them into PvE or PvP. That way, all the trolling on social maps would stop immediately.