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01-27-2013, 03:57 AM
Tossing in a couple slips of Latinum on this-the Defiant doesn't NEED a Cloak to be effective at all-unlike the entirety of the Bird of Prey class, it's perfectly effective without EVER going to cloak, and the Fleet variant's even MORE effective.

further, the Vet ship's basically as described by dontdrunkI'mshoot: utterly dependent on the Cloak in all flight regimes, and utterly ineffective without it-unlike BOTH the Fedships with Cloaks, which each can, in their turn, function,tank, and damage quite fine without ever USING the slotted cloak (or, for that matter, ever MOUNTING IT).

Per the Canon of the series, only the "Original" Defiant-the one lost in combat action-had a cloaking device-and it was an add-on item. The rest of the CLASS was fielded during the war without it-arguably, fielded more effectively (just as your Fleet Defiant is more effective with something useful in the console slots INSTEAD of the cloak!)

it is this simple set of facts: that the two Fed ships with cloaking consoles available are as effective (if not MORE) without using said cloak, as they would theoretically be making use of it-thus, giving them battlecloak is more than "Kind of" OP, it's outright Munchkin-marysue-fanwank OP.
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