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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
I agree with the beam power drain mechanic being bugged. But I also agree with this from OP:

Ok, FAW is affecting all beams. But what about BO and Target Subsystem? Make those "all beam" abilities (assault cruiser firing 8 BO3, or sci going with 16 Target Shields) would buff their damage dealing significantly. Would also bring the beams back to escorts.

Of course BO would have power drain issues, but well, some drawbacks are needed.
I kind-of agree with this - kind-of because BO whilst being able to deliver a phenomenal single strike only really adds up to the DPS you'd do firing all your beams anyway - it's good for punching through a shield facing but you don't really do any extra DPS with it.

But if all 6/7/8 beams hit with the same force? You'd vaporize whatever you hit fun, but sadly not practical.

I've largely stayed out of this debate since it's been going on pretty much since the game went live (although the disparity is greater now). Personally, I think on a well-built Fleet cruiser beams do DPS just fine - I'd like to see their power-drain reduced but that's it really.
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