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01-27-2013, 05:55 AM
Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
Sure, in PvE, the KDF battle cruisers are superior in damage compared with the Fed ones, because of cannon damage. In PvE you can even equip the BortasQ with DHC. PvP is a quite different thing.
1.) Beam arrays don't fire backward either. A cruiser equipped with beams will either have 3 arrays and a torpedo, or 4 arrays, to shoot at the escort riding their six. Which would do exactly nothing to it.

2.) The 5% of STO players that specialize in PVP should have a 5% stake in the game's balance decisions.

Originally Posted by cptrichardson12 View Post
Uh, provided that you build a cruiser right.
Here's my problem with this kind of thinking. When you ask these sort of people how to "properly" build a cruiser, they will be all to happy to describe how they run weapon batteries, nadion inversion, EPTW, BFAW-doffs, EPS Transfer, and the preserved heart of a witchdoctor, to power their beams.

All of this, to be only moderately weaker than dual cannons instead of catastrophically crippled by power drain.

Meanwhile, where's the people running dual cannons having power drain problems? They don't exist.

If you can seriously look at ship A, which is devoting half of its capacity just to not fall flat on its face when it tries to fire its weapons, and compare it to ship B which plugs in a set of weapons and sets power to maximum and then never worries about it ever again, and not realize that this is a serious gameplay balance problem, then I don't even know how to talk to you. It's like trying to explain the principles of mathematics to somebody who thinks the counting numbers are one, two, purple, dog, squish.