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01-27-2013, 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by gallantskeptic View Post
Is there a thread or a resource that gives information on how to successfully run STFs? I keep getting into STF queues where people bail, and the mission fails. I'd like to learn how to run them properly without getting yelled at by other players for screwing up a mission.
Get a thicker skin. A good player won't abuse you just for a mistake (instead, they'll complain about you to their friends ^-^). And the strategy/tactics will vary greatly depending both on your abilities as well as your team's.

So feel free to read all the threads out there, but keep an open mind. A lot of the advice out here are rather questionable, at best they reflect the author's experiences while at worst, they are yesterday's news. Just reading some of the threads here... makes me want to muzzlepaw. Some of the 'dos' are no longer relevant while some of the don'ts are what really good players do. If you're chatting with someone, ask them which does the more damage i) beam weapons or ii) beam weapons + FAW. If they answer ii), then you know they got at least one thing wrong.

In fact, the first and best thing you can do, is not to 'PUG', i.e. using the public PvE queue. Instead, join one of the public (or private STF) channels and play with (hopefully) more experienced players who will not mind telling you what to do. It's in our best interest too.

Of course, the more experienced folks congregate in the more exclusive (and private) channels.