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01-27-2013, 06:26 AM
Some similarities to my Sci's spec:

I fly:

Vesta - general solo/STF drain
Mobius - solo/STF dps
Wells - heal/drain
Odyssey - heal/tank

I don't think a number of skills where you have points are good investments for PvE/STF.

Stuff I'd skip (i.e. zero-out) in your build:

Driver Coil
Subsystem Repair
Power Insulators
Inertial Dampeners
Subspace Decompiler
Willpower (Ground)

That would free up 40.5K space points and 7.5K ground

Skills that should be maxed out, IMO, but aren't:

Starship Weapons Training
Hull Repair
Shield Emitters
Shield Systems
Structural Integrity
Targeting Systems
Weapon Proficiency (Ground)

These will require 33K space and 3K ground.

So (taking into account your 13.5K unallocated space) that gives you 21K space points to allocate to taste, and 4.5K ground points to shuffle around.

I'd probably put an additional 9K each into Weapon and Aux performance, and 3K more into Attack Patterns, if you use an Escort much.