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01-27-2013, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
I don't even know where to start here.

1) Procs on DHCs are not more powerful. They're 100% the same.

2) DHCs receive the exact same bonuses from a given boff ability as every other cannon type

3) What makes DHCs better is not some crazy base damage superiority, but their power efficiency. Solve the drain problem for DCs, single cannons and beams, and they'll be just
as good as DHCs.

4) If you really think FaW only affects one beam array, you've got serious issues.
You completely misread my post.

1- Im not saying they are now. Im saying the proc on my suggested SINGLE heavy cannon BE twice as strong.

2- Yes they do. But DHS has higher damage and much better power efficiency. When CRF is applied it becomes better than dual cannons when it comes to power drain : dmg ratio. Much better.

3- Correct, see #2. The issue is not about solving power drain..that is balanced as it now except for the DHC's.

4- FAW affects all beams. I was talking about overload vs CRF. You cannot really compare FAW to Cannon spread since FAW has a limit on how many targets it hit whereas cannon spread does not (or its limit is way higher).

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Why frack with cannons, especially change the DHCs to Single Heavy Cannons, when the issue is with beams? Nerfing cannons based on perception doesnt fix beams.
Fix Beam Arrays, not nerf cannons.
Fix Beam Array power drain issue.
Give Beams a CRF style BOff ability in the game.
Adjust All other weapon types to make sense in reflection with handicaps balanced to thier increased damage values.
DBBs a better Firing arc.
Single Cannons a better firing arc.
Dual Cannons a better firing arc.
Create a Heavy Beam Bank that is to Cruisers as DHCs are to Escorts.
Create a Beam turret.

Do anything but go backwards by nerfing cannons, especialy based on perception.

Why? Because the perception of thier suckage will never change to those who continue to to thinks cannons are why thry suck.

Because Beam Arrays still suck because they havent fixed them yet.
I think beam arrays are fine as they are. By 'fixing' beams you merely turn them into somewhat copies of cannons and thats just dumb. Each weapon needs to have its big pro and big cons to using them. Right now the beams are just right...cannons are not. Cannons just have massive pro's and no cons.

In my suggestion, im literally putting the CON in the cannons. The DHS once removed makes cannons become more of a burst-damage weapon rather than a spike damage weapon and beams become the spike damage weapon (via overload) that have PBAOE-like attack mode (FAW). CRF would no longer be the OMFGOUCH damage since DHS is gone. The Dual cannons can still put out a really good amount of damage but you'll need to fire the entire CRF duration worth of DualCannon to achieve the same effect that a 1/4th of CRF duration snapshot from DHS's.

I would add two more suggestions:

1- Give all energy weapons a power consumption reduction/increase based on the ship's weapon power level settings.

If you think about it, if you lower weapon power the damage the weapon does goes down..but why then does the power consumption stay the same? It should also go up or down.

Firing a beam or cannon at 100% power should have 2x power consumption penalty but it would do 2x the base damage. Lowering it to 25% power should lower power consumption to 1/4th and DO 1/4th of the base damage.

2- Beams: Increase the duration of the beam's 'lase' animation to 2x what it is now. Its rather silly and un-trek like to see a beam array just spamming short duration beams. To counteract the reduction in 'shots' simply increase the dmg, proc % chance and proc effect so that it all remains the same as it is now per weapon cycle..its just less beams visually being spat out but each beam lasts twice as long and we can enjoy the visuals.

(it could also allow them to add the famous trek 'phaser charge-up' animation of the lights coming from both sides of the saucer beam array, meeting in the middle and spitting the beam out).

I do agree with having a beam turret. Id LOVE that! I once even spent a week trying to 'hack' the client's graphics to see if I could make the turrets fire beams not little puffs.