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01-27-2013, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
Give us two categories, combat centric, and story centric, and we're set. Let us choose the category, or even have it be set automatically (maybe mission length/number of combat encounters) and I think this would solve a lot of people's complaints. The problem right now is the story missions are buried amongst a lot of mindless grinds, which makes people upset. I don't think that many people even care if people want to pew pew, but we would like our story-based missions to get some billing as well.
I guess it depends on how you define story- vs. combat-centric. I've played some good story missions that were largely combat, but it was the story wrapper that gave the combat solid context. While it would be perfectly possible to flag such missions as story-centric, there might be those who would disagree because of too much combat. That could be alleviated to a certain extent by including comments about the level of combat in the description text.

But overall, I agree with your assessment. Sorting through the grinders to find story missions is a pain right now.