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01-27-2013, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
The fact that thousands of people can play without issue indicates that its not a Server Problem (If it was, it would effect EVERYONE)
A MMO "server" isn't a single physical or virtual device; it's a compound network made up of interacting infrastructure components and server racks, with quite a plethora of individual systems, both physical and virtual - like database, frontend, webserver, API, firewall, et cetera - including, of course, the login and game-servers running the game software.

Specific issues with specific regions of the server only cause trouble for specific people in specific situations (like when they try to join a game instance run on a faulty server or the forums are unavailable).

I dare say that most people have these issues at some point, sometimes briefly or in a way that has little impact, when they happen to come across a part of the server having a problem (like a damaged network hub).

I think it's pretty clear to everybody that the part of the server launching new instances, for example, (like STFs or visiting the bridge) is slow sometimes - but by no means at all times.

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