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01-27-2013, 08:12 AM
I'm wondering this as well- I have the Patrol Escort, I have the Hyperplasma Launcher and 3 Adv. Fleet plasma DHCs (so 4 modifiers, each has Dmgx3, plus one each of Acc, CritD and CritH) up front.

I already have Scatter Volley III and Torp Spread III, mounted Aft are the Kinetic Cutting Beam and Omega Plasma Torp, the final slot is taken by a Adv. Fleet Plasma Mine launcher . When facing Borg I swap out the fleet weapons for their anti-Borg equivalents

Tactical Consoles, I have the Auto Defense Turret (never have to worry about Borg Plasma Torps with this baby lol), one Ambiplasma Envelope and two Plasma Infusers.

On paper I'm losing DPS with the Experimental Beam Array (225 vs 347) compared to the adv. fleet cannons. Is there some hidden bonus to completing that second set that I'm not aware of?