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01-27-2013, 08:42 AM
Originally Posted by broodwyn View Post
Wouldn't you do some more damage if you changed 2 of the poloran tact consoles to Cannon ones?
No, he wouldn't. Tac consoles don't have diminishing returns, and neither do armor ones, except of course to the extent that higher resistance always has diminishing returns (don't know about the others). You can check this by going to system space with 2 copies of a tac console, checking your DPS on a weapon, adding one, checking how much that added, and then adding the second and seeing how much that added. The two additions should be the same, within a rounding error of perhaps 1 or 2 points of DPS.

To the OP, I take it this is a PvP build, due to the lack of CSV and APB, and the presence of APD (all bad decisions for PvE purposes, but probably viable in PvP). I don't really know that much about PvP, but I would expect your lack of hull heals to be a problem. Yes, the 2 piece borg can help with that, but it's not very reliable, and it's not very much, so I would tend to replace RSP with A2SIF or TSS with HE.