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01-27-2013, 10:58 AM
A game that needs profits to run. The KDF are small audience, compared to fed side. Most people will play fed side, because that is the focus of star trek since day 1 in tos,tng,ds9,voy,ent. It will never change it is always about fed. The kdf are lu,ky to be where we are at, the initial plan was just merely for pvp from what i read, while very small options.

If your not fans of the federation then why did you watch the shows, unless you just jumped into playing the games. Unless you had some like of the fed, or just watched to see kdf appear rarely.

Plus i bet kdf come into the folds of.fed soon. Always happens, kdf will blow up qo'nos next and need a homeworld and have to beg with.federation not to let the gorn or other conquered races come kick.them.