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01-27-2013, 10:08 AM
Fleet variety is nice. Add appropriate consoles to tact and your set to go. Many ships are traditional phaser now including the Tact Vesta and the Chimera.

Refer to the Hilbert Guide for further information on builds and key binds. It is what I used as well as the STO builder and of course hours upon hours of research vianthe forums to get to where I am genuinely happy with my ship build now. Depending on the purpose of your build (PVP or PVE) too you may want to do away with gimmicky consoles and stick to a purist build.


Engineering consoles: x2 or 4 neutronium alloy
science: Assimilated module, rom zpe, lobi store tach and if room left a console of your choice.
Tact x4 or 3 energy enhancing consoles such as antiproton mag regulators for example.

Sets are nice for engins and shields and deflector but that is up to you. Some folks ix and match. I have always been happy with the borg set, it raises my hull strength considerably more than any other sets I have found so far. Depending on your interest too you can go for torps or cutting beam or both...

Just have fun, that is the most important thing. Theabove ideas are what I have taken away from trying to be better in PVP. It works just as well in PVE. However, keep in mind that many PVE builds just wont cut it in PVP. Again, have fun!
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