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01-27-2013, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
No. Aside from handwaving via replicators we already track too many consumables and waste inventory slots on mission items. Let's not add more clutter.
Agreed. Though I like the concept of running out of torpedos which would make a somewhat more interesting and "realistic" gameplay, it would also make battles needlessly long and with the amount of mobs on each mission, I think I'd rather quickly quit doing... well, anything. As a side note, I as well have had enough of replicator juggling... I hate how I for example can't buy 1000 shield generators at once if I wanted, even if I have tens of millions of EC and it's not even an essential part of the game, unlike weaponry. As much as I like it in a way, I'd be just bummed out if it was introduced in this game.