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01-27-2013, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
I love the chimera it has the same set up ability as the PE and the JHAS and those two are monsters in this game. Too bad for her to cost 300 dollars she's not being upgraded like the other ships so i may end up taking a pass.

But secondly my concern is the fact that you are taking away a 360 degree weapon and replacing it with a 90 degree ark weapon... when they both hit about the same. Sounds fishy to me, how often do you think this behemoth will out run a target or even show its tail to an enemy? This isn't exactly a nimble girl, she's actually quit clumsy and unwieldy and more a cruiser then a hybrid so keep that in mind.
I got lucky with this one and the lifetime subscription was more a gift.

But as far as the the second concern goes, I think the Cutting Beam is also 360 degrees. I think my main concern is whether or not the Omega Weapon Amplifier is worth the decreased DPS when compared to another Phaser Turret.

I'd go with a boff set up like this, but only for PvE and if you really want that torp.

Tac Com - TT, APB1, CRF2, APB3
Tac Lt. Com - TT, CRF1, THY3
Eng Lt - EPtS1, AtSIF1
Sci Lt - HE1, TSS2
Eng Ens - EPtS1
I always thought AoE was more important than single target skills, but I keep on hearing opinions to the contrary. I'm starting to think that CRF should be favored to CSV.

I'm kinda iffy on the torpedo. Was thinking about using a Dual Beam Array or something, but if I do that, would I have to do anything special in order to maintain a good power level?