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01-27-2013, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
... with torpedoes!!!!!
Unlimited ammunition!
Area = finite.
Space needed for unlimited ammunition
= infinte
finite is not equal to infinite

I think we should start having torpedo banks, with a finite amount of torpedoes.

To make up for it, raise all Torpedo Damage

Anyone agree?
Not really, if you mean having a limited supply of torpedoes and having to constantly restock them. I would expect to see such torps hit for full damage against shields if they were to become consumables and to the point where you hesitate using them all the time in an attempt to replicate the shows where captains used torps sparingly.

I wouldn't be totally against it, but it'd need to be a special torpedo case like Omega implemented into the game, rather than totally reworking things. So for example say we get a MKXII Photon Torpedo Bank. It holds 50 or 100 or 200 or whatever torpedoes(keep in mind high yields and spreads would eat up more torpedoes) It costs 500k EC at a vendor because **** the idea of using dilithium for this, too. You need to charge enough EC for x amount of torps so that a person feels compelled not to shoot torps at everything, all the time. Especially in PVP.

Few MMO people like ranger type classes because they often require consumable ammo and I know that will inevitably be brought into the discussion, the EVILS of making people constantly farm in game currency to fund their characters. But this isn't so bad an idea for STO. I wipe my ass with 500,000k EC toilet paper, and you need to cater to the players that want to play the game and not to the casual base that just wants to log in whenever they want like they can right now because they have NOTHING to do in between farming gear. A good MMO must have a free monetary system that's used for basic transactions and economics for players(like energy credits)and you must give people reasons to need that free money(i.e. not dilithium) and that's where money sinks come in. STO is in dire need of more money sinks that last year round. Torpedo banks as envisioned here would be a good start.

The point, ladies and gentlemen, is to throw players a bone. The players that have made STO their home, and not just their second or fifth MMO where they logged in once a day for a hour, did a few STFs, started some DOFF missions, and logged off for the day. Cryptic has already started giving people what they need(Note: what they need, which is not always necessarily what they WANT)with the starbase and reputation system, and I hope they continue that trend for the health of the game. And I say all of this knowing STO isn't my only MMO. It might not even be my main MMO. I'm undecided about that. But there has been plenty of players that can and do call STO their home in the MMO world and they've earned the right to be catered to. I'm sure a lot of them would say, oooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaaaaan you're suggesting consumable torpedoes!!!!! But ya know, gamers aren't known for their understanding about why things need to be a certain way in the games they play. At the end of the day it is better to say, "oh I need to farm 500k EC to buy a new torpedo bank" than it is to say, "well, I got nothing to do. I guess I'll log off"

With just implementing a new system rather than reworking things, you can cater to both hardcore casuals and hardcore, um, hardcore hardcores. My best advice to balancing such a new addition of torpedoes to the game is to simply get them done, give'm to us, and we'll do the rest like we always do until they're acceptable for the STO universe. If Cryptic doesn't want to deal with it then I suggest they get to work on ideas because STO needs it's money sinks.