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01-27-2013, 11:57 AM
So Cryptic gave munchkin powers to a ship that any idiot can win with because it takes no skill when your gear does all the work-what's new about that?

BEFORE the new Lockbox kit, when I saw a Jem bug, I knew that unless the bugship pilot was blind, crippled, drunk or spastic, I was going to die a LOT-regardless of ride, regardless of what gear, settings, etc. I had-because the Bugship is a thoroughbred example of "that much better from the start" in ship design for this game's mechanics. Even someone with a room temperature IQ can build it effectively, so it was either get upset (counterproductive) or get apathetic about it being there-(more productive-unless the whole team are in Bugships, there's still a chance to win prior to the Lockbox-you just had to kill his buddies before he killed you).

Let us review for a moment: NOW it gets a console that does what used to be a science-captain only power (Knocking out subsystems for an extended period in-game), and a console that grants APO to the entire team (which is quite a bit better, really, than the Tac captain power that buffs your damage since this also buffs defense!) Tailored for use, of course, on the single ship in the entire game that has no flaws or weaknesses.

Now? Okay, Cryptic...what do the REST of us get to counter this cheesy bull****?
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