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01-27-2013, 12:12 PM
Part Two : Wounded Sky

Short Version : A great second installment of a very compelling series. Highly recommended.

So, the story here was more compelling than part one, and kept me feeling a forward momentum.
Immersion, and a real handle on KDF storytelling really make this shine.

4 stars this time, as there are some real "mechanics" things in the environment/maps and story that can use some tweaking, but these do not in any way cause you to be unable to experience the story.

You make great use of the stock maps, and do a great job of disguising them with decorations that really add to the immersive feel.

Character remains a strong point here. All the NPCs are beginning to become characters I care about.

Combat can use some tweaking in this one. Not in difficulty by any means. The choice to make combat difficult is a bold one. I played through on elite with my free Vo'Quv and while sometimes i was having to respawn and rethink my strategy, the enemies were not "too hard". It's about map design, and how far apart enemies were in some cases (particularly the final battle). It could really use some tightening up.

This is an incredible mission series.
I find myself eager to play the next one, and forcing myself to space them out so I can keep looking forward to it longer.
Honestly, I look forward to playing the next episode more than I have looked forward to the latest episode of Cryptic content.

You want solid Klingon story content, with challenging combat.
Look no further.
All KDF Story enthusiasts should be playing these missions.
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