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01-27-2013, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by kirby32 View Post

Which duty officers are you using? I know you mentioned exocomp but what about the others?

Which bridge officer traits are you using? Efficient? Leadership? Romulan crit chance boosting ones?

Kudos for putting time and effort into making the most effective DPS vesta you could, and sharing it on an open forum.
yeah, I forgot to post them, and am not near to the game. anyway, here is what I remember, and will give names laterz

gravimetric scientist for aftershock grav well
space warfare specialist for 10% dmg against borg
a jem'hadar doff (I dunno which one is exactly that) for tac team cooldown and attack pattern dmg bonus
a doff to reduce evasive manouvers CD
exocomp for dmg and battery power bonus

2 human
3 sauran with efficient trait (though the more the marrier) or some numbers around this

I have not been experimenting with the new romulan crit boffs, they will be the way to go, but as they are still being balanced, I did not want to invest into them, they cost a fortune