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Originally Posted by sway82 View Post
The Nebula has no impulse engines in canon either. Why not remove them from the current Steamrunner model if you don't want to move them into the saucer section? That would be canon at least.
There in lays the problem, unlike the Nebula you never get to see any detailed shots of the Steamrunner, so as to what's cannon for this ship is very much up for speculation. As I detailed before the texture model of the Steamrunner shows a strong case for the impulse engines being on the saucer section and no where near the pylons. There in again it is speculation but I think I'm safe in saying that 95% (probably more) of those of us who are big fans of the Steamrunner and using it in game all agree, the impulse engines should be on the saucer section.

Originally Posted by amosov78 View Post
This is true, and a rationalization had been given for it too. It might also be why when Infinite Space was being made (with help from Mike Okuda) they also didn't put any visible impulse engine ports on the Steamrunner: STIS Steamrunner-class.
That rationalization might very well work however you never get a clear enough shot of the aft end of the ship to tell if the impulse engines are visible/hidden or their location, if they are visible then theirs compelling evidence that supports the impulse engines being located on the saucer section. Since in STO the artists are going with them being visible (as a majority believe they are) then they should be located on the saucer section.
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