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Originally Posted by lolimpicard View Post
The problem is people putting 7 or 8 energy weapons on ships without a weapon power bonus.
Your mistake, your problem.

Most Escorts fit 3 DHCs and 3 turrets: 6 energy weapons.

You want to use 25% more energy weapons than an Escort?
Without a +15 to Weapon Power?
And without burning through whatever weapon power you have?

Good luck.

And by the way: It's well possible, altho apparently those people can't figure it out.
Says the person that obviously only runs escort builds. I am able to constantly run my Cruiser at the hard-cap 125 power using 2 copies of EPTW1, and maxed Starship Warp Core Potential & Starship Weapon Performance. However, that does nothing since 7 or 8 Beam weapons still choke themselves on energy. Even EPTW3 doesn't help Engineers much since every category of ship power is hard-capped at 125 and you only get the +16.6% all Energy Damage strength for a whopping 5 sec.

Originally Posted by haravikk View Post
Personally I'd like to see exactly this added; diminishing returns probably shouldn't be quite as severe as for armour consoles, but it should leave mixed energy weapon + kinetic weapon tactical console builds at least semi-viable. I have an escort with a lot of cannons, but also a torpedo launcher, but currently I find that swapping any energy weapon console for a kinetic damage one is just a waste of a tactical console slot.

As lolimpicard points out, it's possible to build cruisers that don't suffer too much from weapon drain, especially since you should have four engineering console slots which are ideal for an EPS Flow Regulator, which will let your power levels recover a lot faster each time you fire. There are also tons of bonuses you can use, the M.A.C.O and Romulan Singularity sets both have bonus electro-plasma systems which also make a noticeable difference. Sure, Escorts can take advantage of power transfer too, but not as easily due to more limited console slots, so those that do do it to keep their DPS up but will have to sacrifice damage resistance to do-so.
The devs have repeatedly stated that EPS Flow Regulators only boost power transfer rate, they don't boost dps. EPS Flow Regulators will allow you to shift power between systems more quickly and if you are using beam overload they will help recover from that drain more quickly (as well as full impulse drain). However, they DO NOT boost DPS.

The M.A.C.O and Romulan Singularity sets both have bonus electro-plasma systems but they just act like EPS flow regulators that boost power transfer rates, and NOT DPS.