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Captain's Log, Stardate 86834.06:

Where do I begin? I suppose, from where things became interesting. Which, on a patrol mission in the Orias Sector, usually doesn't take very much...

*fade to flashback*

Captain Scott Freeman, known in some circles as the practical joker of Starfleet, was bored. This usually lead to no end of grief, for his officers and crew, or anyone else they happened upon. And bored, in hostile space, made things even worse, since the crew were already on edge. He sipped at his coffee, while idly glancing around the bridge of the USS Supreme.

It still, even a few months out of dock, felt strange, to be commanding the same Sovereign Class vessel he had been born on, when his father was it's commanding officer. It might never be something he fully adapted to, but Captain, no, Admiral now, Marcus Ross, who had served as XO for so many years, had insisted there was no one in Starfleet more fitting, to command her now.

Most of his senior staff were present on the bridge. Long range sensors had detected possible hostiles a few hours earlier, but so far, closer investigation had revealed little of interest, thus triggering the dangerous boredom. Scott narrowed his eyes, scanning his officers, to see who would be his next victim. He had finally settled on his strategic operations officer, Ensign Sifak, a relatively young Vulcan woman, with nothing close to a sense of humor, when Lt Cmdr Stearns sounded off from tactical, her voice cutting all side chatter the instant she made her announcement.

"Ship decloaking fifteen kilometers off starboard. Terran Empire warp signature."

Scott swore under his breath, before tapping the shipwide comm on the arm of his chair. "All hands, all stations, Battle stations. Red alert. This is not a drill." He turned his head towards Stearns. "Shields up, modulating frequencies, and arm all weapons." He turned his head towards helm, and the viewscreen. "Cadet Sukura, bring us about, level with the Terran ship, keep us at one quarter impulse."

Before he could continue, Lt. Yisos spoke up from science station. "Sir, the ship is Sovereign Class....hull registry is reading....ISS Supreme! They have not raised shields or armed weapons, sir, but they are hailing us."

Scott froze in place, for what felt like an eternity. Before he'd assumed command of this Supreme, he and his crew had encountered that Supreme. It's commander had been the Mirror Universe counterpart to his deceased father, and the encounter had left Scott shaken more than he cared to admit. After that, he wasn't sure he was ready for another such meeting. However, since they didn't appear to be looking for a fight....

"On screen." The words came out almost as a whisper, as the viewscreen shifted it's image, and, instead of a twisted version of his father, Scott was stunned to be looking at nothing short of what could be described as his evil twin brother....

Mirror Scott smiled, obviously enjoying the shock on this universe's version of his face. "I take it you were expecting to see the old man again, Scotty? I know all about that encounter you had. Don't you worry. Daddy will never darken your doorstep again. Not after I tossed him out an airlock."

Several crew passed by the viewscreen, and despite some changes in wardrobe styles, hairstyles, and other minor details, the uncanny resemblance to the crew of the USS Supreme was unmistakable. Mirror Scott narrowed his eyes, and the grin that spread across his lips, was an arrogant version of the cocky one often worn by this universe's version. "I have something of a dilemma, Captain, and I need your help."

Scott motioned with his fingers, and, on cue, Stearns locked weapons on several targets, some to cripple, some to kill. "And why should I help you? You might have done this universe a favor, and probably your own, as well, by eliminating your father, but I somehow doubt you're a whole lot better."

Mirror Scott shrugged, as if the accusation mattered little. "I'm probably worse. In fact, considering I brought a nasty subspace weapon across with me, I'd bet good latinum, that I'm worse. If it goes off, it'll take a solid chunk of real estate with it. Do a detailed subspace scan of my ship, Scotty. I'm sure you'll see it. Just like I'm sure you'll notice it's on a build up, right now."

Scott turned his head sharply, looking to Yisos and Stearns, both of whom nodded, the expressions on their face telling more than their silence. "How bad?" He asked.

Yisos ran her hands across her console, and gasped. "Sir, if my readings are right, it could cascade, and take out half the sector. Billions of lives, are in it's damage path...."

Stearns looked grave, as she added her scans results. "My estimates give it about one hour, before detonation, sir. At maximum warp, they could position it to do some incredible damage, but..."

Mirror Scott cut her off. "But, we'd never clear the damage path, is what I think she was going to say, Scotty. And that brings us to where we need your help. Help you are likely to want to provide, since, 'billions of innocent lives', as well as your own, hang in the balance right now."

The arrogant grin was unnerving. It held the same amount of sheer confidence Scott's cocky version had. He locked eyes with his Mirror Self, neither gaze wavering. "You don't have any engineers on board who can shut it down?" Scott was missing some important key here, something he needed to know, before proceeding.

"Oh, I do, Scotty. Possibly even similar ones to who you have over there. One of my slaves, Sifak, Vulcan wench, managed to encrypt the sequence, before she armed the damned thing though. We haven't been able to break the encryption yet, and time is sorta running short." Mirror Scott shifted his gaze to the Sifak on the USS Supreme, and shook his head. "Even under my best methods, I haven't been able to break her."

Scott nodded slowly. "Here's how this is going to work, and we don't exactly have time to debate, so listen up. I'm going to assemble my team, and I will accompany them. We'll get this thing turned off, and then taken apart, and destroyed. You will beam over here, as our guest, while we work things out. Then we trade back, and you either head back where you belong, or I do both our universe's a favor, and put a final solution, to the ISS Supreme problem."

Mirror Scott's grin grew even broader. "Sure you only want me, in a hostage exchange, Scotty? I'd have asked for more senior staff, if I'd have been you. I'll agree to your terms. Shall we get on with it? That countdown isn't waiting for us to parlay, after all."

*End Flashback*

My team, Sifak in particular, were instrumental, in disarming the subspace weapon. Aside from one brief incident, that was quickly resolved with little violence, things went rather smoothly. And, once completed, and the exchange was over, my mirror self literally waved goodbye, and triggered some form of energy surge that caused his ship to skip universes, presumably sending him back home.

Given how well I know myself, and the basic similarities in core personas I've noticed between mirror counterparts, I am deeply troubled, at how anxious the other Captain Freeman was, to be aboard my ship, in the capacity of a prisoner. He obviously didn't fear returning to his ship, and I noticed a fair amount of unusual loyalty from his crew, for mirror society.

If his mind works anything remotely like mine does, there was something more important than the subspace weapon involved in all of this, and he somehow felt his brief time as a restricted guest on my ship, gave him some form of tactical advantage. However, despite my misgivings, and numerous detailed sweeps of my entire ship, and very watchful attendants during his stay here, we have detected nothing that could explain this mystery. I am, however, certain, my senior staff share in my misgivings about the whole situation. My gut is screaming that something is not right.

End Log.

--------In the Mirror Universe--------

Scott glanced over at Sifak, who was smiling, as she lifted her head from the sensor readings. "Well, lover? Did it work?"

Sifak nodding, as she approached her husband. "It is working perfectly, Captain. Your bio residue is reading through the sensors almost perfectly. The readings aren't perfect, by any means, but I'd say the new echo sensor is a success. Within one hundred or so kilometers accuracy, we are tracking everything the USS Supreme is on their sensors." She purred in response, as she sat down, placing her arm around Scott.

Scott turned towards Stearns, arching an eyebrow. "And is he on his way back to DS9, to see if a more detailed look, can figure out what we did?" When Stearns nodded, Scott laughed. "A little subspace radiation, a few tweaks to a transporter...and we have left a shadow on his ship, that we can use to tell us the entire DS9 Defense Grid with. Keep on their course, and keep an eye out for Klingon ships. I'd rather not run into trouble, before we have a chance to cause any." He leaned back in his chair, feeling quite pleased with himself. Almost as an after thought, he turned to Stearns and added, "And send daddy a message. Tell him to ready the fleet. The invasion is about to begin."