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01-27-2013, 02:42 PM
168th Fleet
'War and peace are but two faces of the same coin'

The 168th Fleet is dedicated to all forms of gameplay types. I am looking for members to help populate this new shiny fleet. It doesn't matter what rank you are or whether you're in it for fun or you want to take this seriously. If anyone has suggestions or would like to contribute to the growth/creation of this fleet, I would like to hear from you.


1/ No Spam and/or Trolling.

2/ No Rude, offensive or anatognistic comments. We're Starfleet Officers so let's act like it.

3/ No excessive swearing. Just keep it on the DL, every second word doesn't have to include an expletive.

4/ No Smut. Keep it in the bedroom and not the chatroom.

5/ Help players if they are having trouble building a character. If you're getting frustrated with noobs, then don't loose your cool because at one stage you were one too, so put away the hate and give them some love by helping them create a better build for their character. I'll do my best to help as much as I can.

6/ Try to be an active participant in events. You don't have to participate in every event, because I know we all have lives outside of STO but at least let your presence be known so I don't think you've jumped ship.

7/ Have Fun! Even though it may seem like I want to keep things at a 'G' rating and politically correct, the intention however is to keep the drama, the ego and the BS to a minimum so we can enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

Those that haven't been deterred yet; please let me know why you're interested in joining and whether your play style is (RP, Casual, Semi-serious, Serious and etc). Either contact me ingame through Private Message or leave a reply on this thread. Those that are RPers,feel free to leave behind a dossier on your Captain.

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