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01-27-2013, 01:49 PM
I've been thinking about doing a respec of my Science guy or buying more character slots after some extended testing of things with both of my Engineers...when it comes to Plasma.

As such, I want to ask folks what their thoughts are on the following Plasma Orb Weaver build.

Science Captain
Romulan: +3% Crit, PlacOnCritProc
Omega: +30 Weapon, KineticProc (though with the 1.4 modifier, maybe ShieldRegen?)

Orb Weaver

TT1, TS2, APB2

EPtS1, AtS1, EWP1
TSS1, HE2, SS2, PSW3

DOFFs: 2xPWO(Torp), BIO(SS), 2x PHO(Recharge)

Fore: Hyper Torp, Plasma Torp, Plasma Torp
Aft: Cutting Beam, Omega Torp, Plasma Torp


Tac: 3x Ambiplasma
Eng: Neut, Borg, Tachyo
Sci: 0Point, Nadeon, Rom Part [Pla], Rom CMS [Pla] (is there a CMS? if not, 2x Part)

TBH, it's something I'd feel more comfortable with an Engineer in - but with the way HE's tossed around, there just feels like there's the need for SNB.

SNB to clear HE and extend the recharge. DOFF'd SS to extend the recharge. Sensor Scan, Sensor Analysis, APB, 3x Ambiplasma, 2pc secondary Romulan, 2x Rom [Pla], AMACO/KHG Deflector, crit from Borg/Tachyo/0Point, etc, etc, etc...trying to maximize that burn (both how long it's there and how much it burns) from both the EWP and Torp DoTs.

It's a 25 Wep Pwr build, the cutting beam's mainly there for the 3pc secondary Borg (and for issues I have with torps requiring some form of energy weapon). A Disruptor/Romulan Disruptor Plasma Turret for the DR proc...not sure if that would work out better than Reactive Deflection. It looks to be damn squishy outside of the mix of the PlacProc, KHG Shields, and SS...avoidance vs. mitigation, etc, etc, that's defensive thinking on my part.

Which gets into thinking about dropping a TT1 (replacing it with a THY or TS and replacing the TS with a THY), dropping AtS1 (replacing it with EPtS2 and replacing EPtS1 with ET1), and then the following with Sci: replace SS2 with TSS3, replace HE2 with SS1, and replace TSS1 with HE1.

Basically this:


ET1, EPtS2, EWP1
HE1, SS1, TSS3, PSW3
PH1 beam for subsystem targeting. I got burnt out with the rep grind, so nobody's gotten past T4 - so I haven't had a chance to play around with the Experimental Beam. Would it make sense to drop a torp for that?

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