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01-27-2013, 01:51 PM
well for my recon i use
tact abilitys
tact team 1 torpedo high yield 1 and beam overload2 get a good crit with tact team anf beam going you can generally knock a shield out followed by a high yield straight into the hull wont destroy it but can take most battleship type enemys just below 60% beams still fireing you got it to 40 and ready to pop

engineering abilitys
emergency power to shields 1 and 2 sometimes change to aux to structural 1 and emergency power to shields 1

science abilitys
hazard emitters 1 transfer shield strength 2 and 3 science team 3 poloraize hull 1. also feedback pulse 1 or hazard emitters 2 i havent really found anything to put it that position so i just change and set it off sometimes lol. gravity well 2 the well works good for keeping them all in place especially in teams with a tact and scatter volly

for stfs you can use tractor repulsors and gravity well 1 and 2 or 3 for crowd control in stfs your general role is cc and destroying assimilated birds/probes in stfs you shold be able to do that easily you can of course attack as well but maybe less useful then a cruiser taking damage using fire at will to get attention of spheres ect and alot less effective then a tact in a escort so if you see a tact defending try using team chat take there position stop the probes allowing them to go do damage is alot faster for ops and such