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01-27-2013, 03:04 PM
I don't know if or which is the "perfect strategy" for making a successful foundry mission.

Today I've played Kirkfats mission The Needs of Few which was a wonderful and entertaining story mission. It took me about 90 minutes (I am not a native speaker so maybe that's why I had a longer playtime because I read "slower") to finish.

After this mission I've played Kirkfats Arena Rumble. Actually I don't enjoy pure Battle-/No-Story missions that much but in this case I was just curious ^^

Maybe I do remember wrong but I think it has more runs/playthroughs than the other one... Feel free to correct me on this one. Anyway this could be a hint. Unfortunately. Lootz rules everything.

To "answer" your question - from my point of view - keep an eye to your target audience. Do you want to tell a good/epic story or do you want a lot of playthroughs? A disclaimer like "this mission contains a lot of reading and there's no Pew-Pew in it" could be helpful. It could save you from silly ratings like "too much reading" and so on.
Also the number 1 rule is: tell the player where to start the mission! Seriously: there are so many missions in the foundry where you/the player has either no clue or to drop and reread the opening dialogue again.

Also I have to agree with promoting it on the forum and send it to the Podcasts and/or their webpages. Back in the days I played only missions from the Grand Nagus List because I realised that his "taste" is similar to mine. These days I check out either starbaseUGC or this forum to find missions that I could enjoy. The Foundry Challenges missions are also a good way to promote your mission.

Greetings Nahari

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